A downloadable ColorMatch for Windows and Android

Welcome back guys I am John Dessie. And I just finished making Color Code
which I think it is the game that you are here download.This game is and
will be one of my favorite accomplishment through my entire game development
career.This games mechanic is easy to understand and which I think you will
comprehend it less than five seconds.This game doesn't have complicated levels
and based on your performance in the game you can select the stiffness of the
level from easy to hard.

list of Software I used to make this game include but are not limited to
1 Unity Game Engine 5.6.3 -- for level design
2 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 -- for Coding
3 Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 -- for sprite creation
4 Bosca Ceiol -- for sound effects

Published Sep 30, 2017
PlatformsWindows, Android
AuthorPhantom Games
Tags2D, Action RPG, android, blocks, Colorful, Funny, kids, minigames
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

Install instructions

To be able to play this game and if you don't know much about archives I reccomend reading
this You should have an archiving software like WinRar, Haozip ... to play this game most computers have this kind of software but if you don't have its free on the web. anyways to play this game first you have to extract the files using the archiving software then  you will find "ColorCode" Folder without the quotation mark you will have to open it and then You will find two folders named "Colorcode 32bit" and "Colorcode 64bit" without the quotation marks and open the folder of your interest on the based on your processor I am  very sorry to tell you that there is only windows and android version of this game hopefully there will be other operating systems support soon like mac maybe IOS too.
So to Conclude this Game is a simple but yet fun and also Colorful mini game which
anybody that knows how to use a computer can play.Please follow me if You want to get
notified when I upload other fun games.And if there is anything you would want to comment
about this game please don't forget to leave a comment below. You can also comment me on

Now there is also an android version available!!!
for any reason contact me at yohannesdessie212002@gmail.com.

Enjoy :D


ColorCode.zip 21 MB

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